How to create Kotak API

For creating API in Kotak securities, follow this steps:

Step 1: 

  1. Go to to log in.
  2. Enter Register Kotak neo ‘Mobile number’ and ‘Password’.
  3. After Successful login Click on top right corner button and then click on “Account details” button.

Step 2: 

  1. Now click on “View trading profile”.
  2. You are now redirect to “My Trading Profile” page, now copy “KS-CRN” and “Client Code”.
  3. And go back to
  4. Now click on “Trade API”.

Step 3: 

  1. Now enter “KS-CRN” in ‘Client ID’ and click on “Register For Neo TradeAPI”.
  2. Now enter ‘Client Code’ in ‘Your Client ID’ tab which are copy from ‘My Trading Profile’ Page and enter registered ‘Email ID’ and ‘Contact No’.
  3. After successfully registration, new page is open , click on ‘Access Neo TradeAPIs’.
  4. After few minutes API “Client ID” and API “Password” are get in registered Email ID.
  5. For go on Api Page click on  ‘Access to TradeAPI’.

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