Copy Trading with Dhan

To connect Dhan to AlgoDelta’s Copy Trading software, follow these steps:
1.Generate the Dhan ‘Access Token’ from the Dhan portal.
2.  Add Dhan account details in Algodelta’s Copy Trading.

Step 1:

  1. Go to to log in.
  2. Enter the Register ‘Mobile Number’ and Dhan ‘Password’, and you will get an OTP in your registered email and in your registered mobile number.
  3. After logging in, click on the top-right corner profile icon and click on “My Profile on Dhan.”.
  4. You will see “Client ID” in the ‘Profile Details’ section. 

Step 2:

For the generation of “Access Tokens,”.

  1. Click on the top right corner profile icon, and then in the drop-down menu, click on “DhanHQ Trading APIs.”.
  2. Now click on the “New Token” button.
  3. Now write ‘Application Name’ in ‘Token Validity’, select ’30 Days’, and in ‘Postback URL’, enter “”.
  4. Then click on “Generate Token,” and you will see “Access Token.”.

Step 3:

Now, go to AlgoDelta’s Copy Trading using the following link: Enter your AlgoDelta email ID and password.

Step 4:

Go to the “User Management” tab and click on “Connect User’s Broker.” Select “dhan” as the broker and provide the following details: Nickname, Mobile Number, Email, Dhan client ID and Dhan access token (generated from the Dhan portal) Click on “Add.” You will see a “Broker Connected” pop-up.

Step 5:

Now, go to the Copy Trading section and add your account. Ensure that you have purchased a copy trading plan from the “Copy Trading Plans” tab. Click on the drop-down menu to set your account as a master or child account, depending on your preference.


By following these steps, you will successfully connect your Dhan account to AlgoDelta’s Copy Trading software and gain access to its features for enhanced trading experiences.

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